Motorola Shares Infographic Explaining Why They Chose to Focus on 'Shatterproof' Displays


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Dec 30, 2010
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The hottest new phone on the planet is none other than the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 and it's international variant, the Moto X Force. The main claim to fame for this beast is its new "ShatterShield" technology designed to make the display nearly indestructible (to the usual impacts that the average consumer might subject it to).

Just to emphasize the importance of this new tech, Motorola created an infographic that highlights industry statistics related to cracked and shattered screens of smartphones. It makes a good argument in favor of Motorola's choice to focus their latest innovations on building a shatterproof display. Not everyone needs the extra durability of the new Motorola Droid Turbo 2 and Moto X Force, but everyone would appreciate having it in their phone if they did happen to drop it.

You can see the full infographic in the thread below. Here are links to our dedicated sections for both of these phones:
Here's that infographic from Moto:

I throw my phone on the bed all the time. Then agian, its a big bed so its hard to miss.

I personally have never broken a screen, I hope that trend continues for me. However, I've fixed many screens for people.
I've never broken a phone screen either. But I saw one of my customers using a phone with a shattered screen, but it still worked, as a phone. He told me it had been that way for a while. Didn't ask how.
I've never broken a screen.
I seen enough broken screens myself to not have the "it cant happen to me" mindset and as a result I am always buying a case, screen protector, and extended protection plan. I really would like a phone that you can buy and not have to be concerned about it breaking. Im feeling the Droid Turbo 2, unfortunately it will not work on other than VZW so im out of luck there.
I ditched insurance and cases a while ago...I tend to drop my phone a couple times a year, and have never so much as chipped it.

When phones started getting bigger, cases were absolutely not an option for me. And as far as insurance, between the premiums and deductible I figured the break-even was only about 12 months. That changes with the end of subsidies, but if I got only 1 year out of my current phone maybe I'll keep the next for 4 years. If and when I shatter a screen, THAT will be my reason for upgrading.

The shatterproof screen, while perhaps inevitable, is one of the best developments in smartphones in the past few years. Most of the specs are already well beyond what most people will ever need, and a huge gap still remains from these phones being the "brains" of a good laptop or tablet.
Why in the world (literally, I guess!) is the breakage rate almost double for China+India vs. US+UK??? That's a huge difference...

This is a random guess, but maybe: those countries (and Mexico) tend to see higher numbers of low-end phones (i.e., more easily replaced), and so people there are more heavy-handed with them?

I was wondering the same thing. I thought that maybe it is that people in US are more likely to buy cases and screen protectors for their phones? It would be interesting to know whether that's the "case" or not (hehehe... that pun just happened on its own).

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Wonder what the pie charts would look like if they showed percentage of phone owners who have to charge their phone more then once in 24 hours...
I would guestimate 10% of my college students have smashed or cracked screens that continue to function. I don't get how so many break screens on new phones
I've owned 7 phones, all Motorola, and have never broken a screen, chipped the phone, etc. I've always opted for the insurance because what happens to me is always an internal "something" that requires a replacement.

The rest of my family have gone through the broken screens from throwing it (temper, temper), carrying it in a packed purse, into the toilet or bathtub, wearing it in a back pocket, etc...

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Wonder what the pie charts would look like if they showed percentage of phone owners who have to charge their phone more then once in 24 hours...
Now THAT I'd be interested to see!

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