Motorola Service Error?? WTF?


Aug 2, 2010
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Washington State
I got this notification last nite while i was walking to a party, that somewhat looked like a star but i pulled down the notification bar and it said motorola service error or something along the lines. I dont quite remember cuz i went to the party and got dancedroid. But i 'clicked' on it some window came up and read that my account/service/ID(something like that) was deleted and that i had to factory reset my phone. Idk what made that happen but i thought of it as like some virus or like those scams on the interwebs so i didnt follow suit so i just rebooted my phone. It then came up again soon after but i still had service 3g everything even made a call to make sure and download an extra app to see that everything was working and it still worked. Its been awhile but i haven received that error again but it kinda scared the "buhgeebees" out of me :icon_eek:. Anyways i was hoping someone can shed some light onto this and maybe help me to fix this. Im rooted but not themed or ROMed(if thats even a word). Thanks in advanced