Motorola Releases Details Early for All of Their New Devices


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

It looks like Motorola can't really make up their mind on when they actually want to reveal details on their newest devices. First they scheduled an event in Chicago for yesterday. Then, at the last minute, they tell everyone that it will be a closed door/embargoed event, but the final reveal will be today (September 5th) at 130PM CT.

It turns out that was a fake out too. They released the details of their newest devices at 1am last night. They revealed the Moto 360, the next generation Moto X (not called the Moto X+1) and the next generation Moto G (not called the Moto G2).

They did have one surprise which came out of left field. Its called the Moto Hint, and it's basically a Smart-earpiece (more details to follow in a separate story).

Ah well, as frustrating as this is for us media folks, we can't complain too much about being on their hook. Regardless, stay tuned for four separate stories for each device revealed... coming up next!