Motorola Loses Patent infringement Case to Microsoft...So To Speak


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Oct 26, 2010
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Well guys, we have some not so good information. It looks like an ITC judge ruled Motorola infringes upon a Microsoft patent that is described as "generating meeting requests and group scheduling from a mobile device." Well this isn't exactly over and a final ruling will be made April 20 2012 but some good news on the side is that Motorola did not infringe upon six other patents Microsoft was suing for. We'll be keeping our eyes on this battle as well as Apple's battle with HTC.

Via Engadget and Motorola
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That's some pretty vague patent language. Microsoft could go after damned near every mobile phone maker (including Apple!) with a patent like that.
Yeah, my first thought: this can technically apply to group text messaging...and they only went after Moto?
Aren't all of them, vague I mean? I don't know how anyone can make any sense of any of it.