Motorola is Breathing Fresh Life into the Moto X with College Logos and Colors


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Dec 30, 2010
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Motorola is going to milk the Moto Maker customization concept to its fullest with the Moto X, and we applaud them for it, especially with their new idea. They just added college logos and colors to the options for customizing your own personal Moto X. They are even taking it a step further and offering a "college discount" to anyone who can show they are in college currently by sharing a valid .edu address. The regular price for the off-contract Moto X is $399, but with the college discount it drops by $60 bucks to $339. Not bad!

Here's a quote with all the details,

Moto Maker lets you express yourself and your style through your phone. Now, you can express your school spirit too! Just in time for the tournament, we’re introducing the College Collection, a range of college-inspired Moto X customization options that allow you to showcase your favorite school colors. We took a look at college colors across the board and added nine new back colors and three new accents to our Moto Maker palette so you can create the ultimate fan phone.

Starting today you can visit our College Collection design gallery and select from pre-configured school color combinations and clear cases1 with school logos and team names for up to 40 schools and counting. Don’t see your favorite team? Mix and match with the new color palette to create your perfect combination.

A custom Moto X from the College Collection is now available starting at the everyday price of $399 off-contract or $49 with a new two year contract. Currently in college? We’d like to sweeten the deal with a student discount2. Register at with a valid .edu address and you can get an off-contract Moto X for the discounted price of $339.

The College Collection is just one of the many ways to get customization inspiration for your Moto X. Visit the new design gallery curated by our Moto Maker team and designers for more ideas and create yours today!

Source: Motorola
I feel stuff like this is worth more than things like Smart Stay and those kind of features on Samsung devices. Having a device that is personalized to you is pretty cool. but, why only college? Give me some NHL logos!
Cool. I still carry my Moto X more than anything else. It's red and black, the start screen says "Good Morning Dave" and it has "Mighty Mo" on the back. Somehow that makes it just a little bit more "mine" than the other phones.

I hope there is a Moto X-2 that is customizable like this. If there is I would like to get a Houston Texans version. : )
I feel like that is a little tricky though. The college logo is printed on the clear plastic snap on case, not the phone. They are just giving you the same color options of the Moto X it has always had, just you get a free plastic case with a college logo on it.
smart move moto right in time for the ncaa tournament when you know college fever is rampant.