New Moto X Moto Maker Wood Finishes Clarified & Only $25 Bucks More Instead of $100


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Dec 30, 2010
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Motorola just this morning shared all the juicy details on their new wood finishes for the Moto Maker Moto X customizations. Here's the quick breakdown:

  1. The new wood finishes will be Bamboo, Walnut, Teak and Ebony
  2. The new wood styling customization will not be $100 bucks more, it will only be $25 more.
  3. The backing is actual wood, but they all use the same wood with different "finishes" added on to change the look
Here's a quick quote from the Moto blog with the details,

Moto X with Wood Finishes: Inspired by Nature, Designed by You
Sometimes, even in the technology industry, the best inspiration comes straight from nature. We recently introduced Moto X with Bamboo, the first-ever smartphone incorporating real bamboo into the body. Since then we’ve been hard at work crafting new options, and are excited to announce three new natural wood finishes for Moto X: Walnut, Teak and Ebony.

Featuring natural finishes and distinct grains, these wood backs are undeniably unique and provide a whole new level of sophisticated customization for your smartphone. Every wood grain is different, so every phone is too - just like you!

Moto X is now available for the everyday starting price of $399 off-contract. We want to make the upgrade to a wood finish just as accessible to people, so we're making it available for just $25 more. Bamboo will be available with this new price on Moto Maker starting today and Walnut, Teak and Ebony finishes will be available starting January 21st.

Sound off and let us know which one is your favorite!

Source: Motorola
They look pretty sharp, it's a shame I keep mine in a holster case or I may have ordered one like that.
It's a cot dang shame they tried to charge $100 for a wood backing.

Like I typed when the news first broke....$100 is way too much! I guess Motorola thought they could be like Apple!

I wanted a Moto X. The website errors weren't that much to me, but finding out the wood backing would take so long to launch forced me to choose another phone (note 3) because my current phone couldn't wait any longer! But, I still had a window to return the note 3 and get a Moto X...until they announced that $100 tag just so I could have a wood backing. Nope!

For $25 though...I now wish I had that window, because I'd be on their website customizing my potential phone again...
First, bamboo is still actual bamboo. It's the three new styles that are real wood but with a finish.

Second, anyone who purchased a bamboo back for $100 is receiving (or has already received) $75 credit towards Moto accessories. Sure, it's not really the same as only paying $25, but at least Motorola is doing something to somewhat rectify the situation.
So your on the bamboo is technically a grass boat :)

I know of no other grass you can build furniture out of.
I'd get the Walnut if I had it to do all over again. Now I'd probably go with a Toast wood back and a bumper.