Motorola Droid Bionic SD Card Delete Error


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Mar 24, 2011
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I just bought my Bionic on the 9th and I am noticing a problem. Sometimes my apps will disappear and I look under the app management area and it will say blah blah blah and say it is saved to the SD card but wont recognize the app. I put all my appear on internal storage but I would like to be able to save them on the SD card. Anyone else having this problem? Know any solutions?
Do you think it will get fixed? I just think that your phone runs faster with more memory available!
Before I got the bionic I had the OG Droid and I noticed that on that the memory card is a folder called "sdcard" On the Bionic there are 2 folders. One is called "sdcard" which is an 8gb partition of the internal storage, and there is an "sdcard-ext" folder that is the external 16gb SD card. I wonder if that is the problem, and certain things are set up to work with "sdcard" when they should be "sdcard-ext" and vice versa. For example my ebook reader app Wordplayer goes to the "sdcard" folder, instead of the memory card where it did on my old droid. Just my guess but hopefully there's an easy fix.
I had the OG DROID too but I switched from my OG DROID memory card to the one in the Bionic because it is a Grade 4 instead of the Grade 2 found on the OG.