Motorola Apologizes For Cyber Monday Debacle; Deal Coming Wednesday and Next Monday


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Dec 30, 2010
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It's no secret that Motorola's Moto X for $349 Off Contract Cyber Monday deal was an epic fail. The website got overloaded and crashed under the weight of consumer interest. Of course, Motorola was sorely embarrassed by this, and CEO Dennis Woodside even issued a formal apology, which you can read, here. More importantly than an apology, Motorola plans to make up for it.

They are going to have the same Moto X MotoMaker offer on Wednesday starting at 12 ET. They also plan to have the sale again next Monday the 9th. This means we will get twice the opportunities to grab one of these great deals. That's not a bad way to make up for it Motorola. Kudos!

Let's cross our fingers that their servers will be able to handle it this time...

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ANd they should... actually that is good they are extending the day though it gives people more time. In fact this could work on their favor as there was obvious hype to buy and now people actually have 2 days to do so I expect them to capitalize on sales.
Sucks... I actually had a dev edition Verizon one in my cart and didn't pull the trigger. By the time I got back around to ordering, they were out of stock. I'm hoping they add some of those too and not just Moto Maker devices.

Well, I tried to get on this deal today, but was told to come back Monday.

Was told by chat support that the deal was up for ten minutes or less today...that sucks.
They said that dev editions sold out that first day. Only Motomaker got extended because it never actually worked.

Between the tweet that signaled the start of the Motomaker promotion and the tweet that said that they sold out for the day there was about 8 minutes.