Cyber Monday Android Phone Deals Round Up


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Dec 30, 2010
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When consumers are looking for great deals on average consumer items, Black Friday is the day of choice, but when it comes to searching for great bargains in tech, the new best shopping day of the year might just be Cyber Monday. Just in case you didn't realize it, that is today. To that end, here's a round-up of several great mobile tech deals which you can find today. Happy shopping!

Amazon -
Verizon HTC One for a Penny On Contract
Moto X for a Penny On Contract

Motorola -
Moto X for Only $349 Off Contract (This one is taking a while to get going because Moto's servers were overloaded.)

Verizon -
White LG G2 for FREE On Contract
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for $50 On Contract
Motorola Droid RAZR HD for FREE On Contract

Best Buy - (Best Buy has several deals. Here's the main link for all of them: Cyber Sale Cell Phones 114612 - Best Buy)
HTC One Max for $149 ($100 Off) On Contract with Sprint or Verizon
LG G2 for FREE on Sprint contract
Galaxy S3 FREE on contract
$150 Off the Galaxy S4 Mini Unlocked and Galaxy Mega 6.3 Unlocked
More Deals at link above.

AT&T -
Moto X for FREE On Contract
HTC One for FREE On Contract

T-Mobile -
LG G2, Galaxy S4, HTC One, Galaxy Note 3 for FREE On Contract

For folks who would like to check out Cyber Monday deals for Android Tablets instead of (or in addition too) phones, here's a link to our sister-site with the Android Tablet Cyber Monday round-up:

There are probably several deals we missed out there, so feel free to add any you find to this thread!
In reference to the Moto X offer... we are getting reports that Moto plans to offer the deal later while they fix their server issues. It looks like they didn't expect such huge demand for the special offer. We will try to update you guys when/if the phone goes on special price again. If you see anything, please let us know or simply post a link in this thread.
Is this an unlocked Moto X that can be used on any carrier, or is it "Verizon locked" (meaning can only be used on Verizon due to hardware constraints)?
Look at it again. The buy it button is grayed out and says Out Of Stock.

Not when I posted it, it wasn't. A friend of mine was able to get one after I sent him link.
The Moto X mess was crazy. They ended up cancelling the sale at like 8:30 PM last night. They are doing it again tomorrow and then Monday. The sale will not include the Dev editions, only the Moto Maker phones. They will be $349 off contract. It will start at 12 PM EST. They are also extending their 30% off accessories promo for those two days too! Heres a link: The Official Motorola Blog: We owe you an apology.