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Dec 23, 2009
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I was inspired by droid life's post (Thursday Poll: Does MotoBlur affect your decision to buy a Motorola device? - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog) And I was curious what do people now think about when you see motorola. A year ago motorola was the staple of android ...infact it was not even 4 months ago when I was telling people that motorola is a way better device than htc. Well motorola makes better hardware hands down, but you can have a car built like a rock but if the rest of the car is painted a color you dont like and it has no features you would rather pay more insurance and do more to protect the nicer car. And that is where i am at, I am ready to just get an otterbox and do more to protect a device with better software. But is this where we are at now. A year ago we was starting to see android on the rise and now its like its growing like wild flowers. As a result I have mixed feelings, I am happy about the growth but am waiting for a manufacturer to step up and be the leader of the pack. Motorola makes great hardware but locked down and blur makes me want to pass. HTC sense and the fact that its open put it ahead of motorola but it lacks the hardware quality of motorola. Samsung is getting a reputation for not liking to update their devices. And LG is has not proven itself yet even though it has made a few low to mid end android devices.
I hate to mention the fruit because I know the response I get from it. Though ios is boring they do have a couple of things working for them. You know you will get a reliable device and top of the line hardware and you know your device will be up to date for the life of the phone. No matter how you may feel about the fruit you must give them that bit of credit. We need google to provide at least the ability for android devices to be up to date for the life of the phone and they must put more pressure on manufacturers to allow users to be able to update their device even if the manufacturer stops supporting it.
I love Motorola's devices in as much as they are the best hardware out there (imo) and I will likely keep recommending MOTO to my friends who have no desire to root and flash roms. For me though, I can't handle another locked down phone. Granted my upgrade isn't for over a year and maybe they'll have some kind of change of heart before then, but I see myself headed to HTC.

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i havent bought a motorola phone since the flip phone until the D1 came out as "vanilla". now they have a little mo going and they think they are untouchable. with all the rumors/truth with vzw, moto. i am seriously considering going to sprint and getting a HTC. at least i get 15% off my bills with sprint and accessories. LOL
I've had either Moto or LG, but time will tell. I don't try to buy brand, but what it has. As the new phones come out, I'll be looking here and Consumer Reports.
I don't understand the bash that HTC hardware is inferior.
It's not.
I don't understand the bash that HTC hardware is inferior.
It's not.

I am not saying htc's hardware is inferior I am saying Motorola's hardware is better compared to HTC. Motorola has that industrial design.
Motorola has been creating and designing electronics for MANY years. That gives them the quality aspect.