Moto X Has Slow Response Accessing Voice Mail on VZW


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Sep 7, 2011
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Houston, TX
Moto X on VZW

I’m new to Moto X and find it quite fine. Photos are improved over HTC INC2. Battery is truly awesome!

One issue that I have not resolved is the slow Voice Mail (free) response. With the HTC phone, after clicking the VM icon, the dial tone and sign-in would start in 2-sec max. With the Moto X two clicks needed. The first click on VM icon requires 5-sec bring up the sign-in screen; second click will give the dial tone and start the auto sign-in. (NOTE: the *86,,xxxx#,,...used to sign-in).

Is there a way to access voice mail with one click and save 5-sec? If not, who is responsible for the adding the extra step and time – Google or VZW?

Hello, welcome to DF...sounds like a slow network connection to me...are you launching from the voicemail app or button? It appears you're dialing *86. Try the voicemail button...I believe the motox has it...our resident motox expert will have to weigh in here..I'm sure she'll be around soon..

Hi 94 and thanks.

I'm not know difference btn voicemail app and button. The app list shows a voicemail icon; this has been pasted to the home page. The slowness is when this vm icon is clicked. I will search for the voicemail button.

A workaround is a long press on #1 on the dialer gives a quick VM response. No 5-sec delay. Issue with this method is that the dialer is difficult to find, for me anyway.

And yes, the *86,,xxxx#,,1 string is used to contact the VM.
The button is the app.. Sorry just wasn't sure how you would refer to it :) try rebooting the phone... And another thing to try.. Stupid as it and change your v mail password...put it back to what it is now if you like...but the reset can often times speed things up.. Did for me ...

Moto X on VZW

KK and all, thank you for the great Moto X support. I will d/l YouMail.

FWIW, The Moto X voicemail app is native and is the source of the 5-sec delay. It is now disabled. Also, using the dialer is fast, except that three clicks are needed to get it started from Home. Clicking on the VM Notification is fast. The VM call is immediately initiated.

After the football games, I will see if it is possible to put a speed dial number on the Home screen where one click will initiate the VM.

Thanks again…Bill
Put a contact in with *86, then put a direct dial widget on home screen.

Just did it. One push and it dials VZW voice mail. For getting voice mail from Canada while traveling put you own number in the widget. Chris
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