MOTO X Features On Your Device Now!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Looking to update to the MotoX but you just don't quite have the cheddar for the update yet? You can have some of the most popular new Moto X features on your device now without having to drop all those Benjamins! DF member "KaChow" has put together a thread which highlights all of the features with accompanying download links.

Open Mic + keeps your device in an "always listening state" this way if you asked it "Okay, Google Now what time is it?" you would get your answer.

utter! is similar to open mic + but it requires some sort of action to get the device listening, like a "shake" prior to asking.

Twisty Launcher allows you to open your camera with a gesture or input method that you have created.

Active Notifications, and Moto X camera apks are included as well. Head to the source link below for full video demos, and downloads.

MotoX Features On You Device!


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Dec 22, 2011
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Air Swiper - This is more of an S4 mod, but I've been using this on my GNex and it works great when working at your desk. Air Swiper is the start of what Samsung is doing now with hand gestures. I've only been using it for a 4 days so I wont comment just yet on battery life.

DynamicNotifications - I tried active notifications for a day, but I don't really see a point to active notifications because I color code my led to tell me what is on my phone and by the time that I want to read the email I could have just opened it and then locked the screen again. Doing this uses no battery in comparison to active notifications.

I might be a little paranoid, but I don't trust having my mic on all the time. I have Vlingo in car set up as a shortcut on my phone as to not have it running all the time. I just hit the short cut button and it opens the in-car mode which will read text and you can dictate back to it, search, call, etc.