Moto G for TracFone.


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May 15, 2015
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Where can I get a Moto G that works as a phone?
I got one at Walmart for $29. It would not work with TracFone.
So I got another later for $39. Will not work with TracFone until I spend $270 with Verizon.
Anyone know where one is that 100% for sure will function with TracFone's BYOP Program?
You need to get an unlocked version of the phone, or a used one with a clean IMEI. Did you verify with Tracfone that the device can be used with their service? I'm not sure it can. I think it has to be used with their Straight Talk plans.
There are two cdma versions. Prepaid and post paid. The prepaid works with TracFone after it has been used for six months with Verizon. The other one is not locked.
I just looked that information up. Do to have an unlocked one or are both Verizon-locked? Because the locked versions can be used but, as you found out, when purchased new require nearly $300 worth of service from VZW.

What, exactly are you looking for from Tracfone? Because the data the phone requires will cost you quite a bit if you have to use it.
I just ordered another one from eBay. Comments say it is Post Paid. And buyers state it does work on TracFone.
I have been with TracFone for many years. I have a ton of saved up minutes and texts. I only use Data while waiting for people I take to appointments. Then just for checking email and arguing with idiots on facebook. No streaming.
I am hoping to be able to use one of my brand new ones that are scratch free. And just change the motherboard from the used beater I just ordered. Same XT1028 but unlocked. All the other parts are the same.
Good luck. Hopefully the internals aren't shot from extensive use and or abuse. :)

And if you're going to argue with idiots, Facebook is the place to be.

Where did you find a G for $29? Was it on special? I know it's locked in to Verizon, but it's a nice phone. Would do for a backup if anything happens to my X.

My mother (70 in just about a week) loves hers.
I got the $29 Dollar one at Walmart. I went to get another and all were gone. So I went online at Walmart and ordered one for $39. I don't know if they have anymore. It was like a one day pricing mistake or something.