Galaxy S2 S959G USB Board issue


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Dec 8, 2013
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Brandon, MS
I have a Tracfone (Straight Talk) Galaxy S2 SGH-S959G. It is no longer charging at all. It started having issues charging a week or so ago, and they have progressed to the point where it can no longer take any charge from the USB board. I am a mechanically inclined person, but the tutorials I have watched on Youtube are a litle overwhelming. Given this is a "Cheap" version of the S2, I am having some difficulty determining if certain parts will work or if I should just take this to my local Cell repair shop and have them do this. I have a couple of questions:

1. Are the batteries for the various versions of the S2 cross compatible?
2. Is an External charger with spare batteries such as Samsung Galaxy s 2 SGH S959G 2X Battery Dock Charger II Straight Talk Tracfone | eBay worth purchasing? I would like a few extra batteries, as I could just avoid this whole mess by just swapping out batteries.
3. Which models have the USB board that are compatible with my S2's version?
4. Is there an actually well made, informative tutorial out there for replacing this board? Everything I see assumes that everyone knows how to pop these motherboard connectors off. I build PC's, but I am super leery of performing this task. Maybe something for a beginner?

I have tried a new charger, corded and USB. Plugged into different outlets at different locations and still no charge. The only way it gets a spark of life is to jam the charger connector very (painfully) hard into the port. I have tried the lint cleaning advice that was recommended from one of the videos I watched, and that still did not help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.