moto. droid GPS located ??


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Nov 19, 2010
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i was talking to a guy who claims his wife or g/f was able to track his motorola droid without him knowing it. so, is it possible for the motorola droid to be GPS located without your knowing ? how can you tell if your phone IS being gps located ?? if it is how do you disable it ?? thanks all ... this info kinda freaks me out a little ya know.
The easiest way would be to turn off GPS.

Settings > Location and security > Uncheck Use GPS satellites
the little GPS icon should show up as well when its being used. However if she is the owner of the line she could always track him within say a 10 block radius I think(your phone is always talking to towers)
so, is it possible for the motorola droid to be GPS located without your knowing ?

That depends on how observant you are. The wife/gf could have just turned on Latitude. He'd get a regular notification via Gmail but she could have deleted it. There are also several apps designed to help you find a lost/stolen phone. The ones I've seen involve installing an app on your phone and then sending a special text message to the phone asking it to report it's current location. You'd get a text message notification but it wouldn't necessarily be obvious what it was. I seen no reason why a specially designed app couldn't upload it's location to just about anywhere at regular intervals but this would still require physical access to the device to install the app. and it would generally show up in the list of running apps.

The bottom line is that if you give up physical control of your phone then just about anything is possible. Then again, if you're worried about your wife/gf tracking you you've got bigger problems and maybe it's time for a new wife/gf.