More Rumors Suggesting 6" Galaxy S8 Variant.


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Oct 6, 2011
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As we get closer to the expected April announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 more and more information continues to leak out. We are already expecting that Samsung will ditch the flat versions of the Galaxy S8. Instead we may see a smaller and a larger version of the the Galaxy S8 which is expected to have a dual curved edge display that may be bezel-less and have a 90%+ screen to body ratio.

The latest rumor from "Naver" is stating that the Galaxy S8 will launch with a 6" display variant. We may also see a 5" and or a 5.5" display size. Naver had also suggested earlier in the year that Samsung would implement S-Pen software in the S8, but have since abandoned that notion and have instead reported that Samsung will release a new Note device later in 2017 which Samsung has also reported. SamMobile is generally pretty dead on accurate when it comes to the reporting of Samsung leaks and rumors and for now they are not buying the 6" display rumor. I feel like this would only cut into Note 8 sales later on and probably wouldn't be the best business decision.

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Jun 6, 2011
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And wait... there's more!!

They're going to use a completely new an innovative naming convention. They're going to call it the<sacarsm> S8 PLUS ! </sarcasm>