1. DroidModderX

    The Galaxy S8 May Come With A Flat Panel Option After All.

    The inherent flaw of early rumors is that you can't always trust them. Even if your source is dead on accurate for the most part. Early on a company may have one vision for a product, do some R&D and then discover they were way off base and shift to a whole new strategy. Also some rumors coming...
  2. DroidModderX

    More Rumors Suggesting 6" Galaxy S8 Variant.

    As we get closer to the expected April announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 more and more information continues to leak out. We are already expecting that Samsung will ditch the flat versions of the Galaxy S8. Instead we may see a smaller and a larger version of the the Galaxy S8 which is...
  3. Tony_Stark

    LOCATION FOUND - Lock Screen?

    Howdy all! I have the Galaxy S7 Edge and I thought I had a handle on setting the notifications for my lock screen, but this one has me stuck... I have a constant "Location Found" on my lock screen. I have cycled through all app permissions and turned them off and there it sits. Has anyone...
  4. DroidModderX

    New TouchWiz Launcher Takes Advantage Of Vulkan API

    During the Galaxy S7 Unpacked event Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 would have support for Vulkan baked in, much to the delight of gamers in the crowd! The Vulkan API adds notable performance increases, but it has other benefits which Samsung intends on leveraging. If Samsung is to beat Apple...
  5. zinethar

    Samsung Edge question

    I currently have a Note 4 which I love. The new models are about to be released and the edge models look interesting but I have a question. I often accidentally hit apps when grabbing the Note 4 do to its very small bezel. Is this even a more irritating problem with an Edge model? I can't figure...
  6. DroidModderX

    Micro SDCard Slot To Return On The Galaxy S7!

    Que the heated debate over local storage vs cloud storage. Some "Good Sources" of HDBlog.it are reporting that Samsung will include expandable storage on the next generation Galaxy handset. This is a feature missing on the Galaxy S6. When it had become clear that the S6 would not have expandable...