Micro SDCard Slot To Return On The Galaxy S7!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Que the heated debate over local storage vs cloud storage. Some "Good Sources" of HDBlog.it are reporting that Samsung will include expandable storage on the next generation Galaxy handset. This is a feature missing on the Galaxy S6. When it had become clear that the S6 would not have expandable storage many Samsung faithfuls drew a line in the sand deciding to go with other devices like the One M9 and the LG G4 both of which decided to carry the power feature.

Samsung phones in the past have been known for such power user features as the micro sdcard and removable battery. These features were ditched on the Galaxy S6 in favor of a more premium all metal and glass design. The lack of an sdcard slot also contributed to the overall thinness of the device.

The source also states that Samsung will offer up two sizes. The S7 will have a 5.2" display while the S7 edge will sport a 5.7" display. This matches some rumors that circulated earlier in the year. Another idea floating around is that we may see the curves of the S7 Edge on the top and bottom of the device and not the sides. Of course take all of this with a grain of salt. The s7 announcement is still months away. Even if this info is true plenty can happen between today and the day the phones are announced.



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Jan 12, 2011
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Atlanta, GA
TBH, I haven't missed it. My last two phones didn't have it... I have a 32GB Nexus 6 and I have 1500 pics and camcorder videos, 350 MP3's, some work files, my usual apps and I still have 11GB free... I used to insist on having an SD slot, and I think that maybe on tablets it really makes more sense...

With most phones coming with 32gb minumum and offering 64gb, it just doesn't see as big of a deal as it used to. I stopped carrying entire seasons of HD shows and movies when I really never watched them on my phone anyway... I has the Netflix, and if I am watching movies it is more than likely gonna be on my iPad Air 2, than the little phone...