More LG V20 Leaks Ahead Of September 6th Announcement


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Oct 6, 2011
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LG will hold a press event on September 6th to reveal their new flagship device. This of course will be the LG V20, the next generation in LG's premium series of devices. We are starting to see some heavy leaks of this device. Evan Blass also known as Evleaks has released a pretty clear image of the LG V20 wrapped in a clear case. You can clearly see the secondary display which was one of the main features of the V10.

One thing you will notice is that there is an app drawer. That feature was missing at the launch of the LG G5 which ended up being more of a headache. We know that this will be the first Nougat device. This phone will also include a premium DAC and some headphones from B&O. This should be a superior sound experience. Of course we will find out everything in the coming weeks. This looks like a phone that might actually compete with the Note 7.

via Evleaks
Removable battery and sd card hopefully?

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I really want this but I haven't even had my V10 for a year yet. I'm sure I won't be able to upgrade for awhile yet.
Hope they do something relevant with their batteries cause their phones are the worst when it comes to lasting on single charge.
Finally a smartphone that holds up, 4000mAh, but the design is not great at all :(

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