MOD Add Traffic Monitor To Status Bar


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Oct 6, 2011
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There is one thing that I love about having a cell phone plan from 10 years ago. It may seem like my plan is antiquated to most. I only get 500 minutes to share. I have 10 phone numbers that I can change whenever I like which I can talk to unlimited. I get free minutes after 7pm. I have unlimited text messages, and I have unlimited data. The only real downside to this is that in order to keep my plan I have to pay full price for my phones. The amount of data that my wife an I use, we feel that we save money in the end.

For most Americans, they have decided to give up their unlimited data in lieu of subsidized pricing on phones. Some of you can actually get by on a few gigabytes per month by simply keeping your wifi turned on an being sure to connect to wifi networks whenever possible. You may still find yourself having to pull up your cell phone account on your carrier's website to see how close you are to your monthly limit. There is a mod that will allow you to enable traffic monitoring in your status bar. You can also customize this in your settings. Head to the link in the description for the full guide.

via XDA


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Apr 2, 2010
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In that same thread is mentioned a downloadable, NON ROOT app that will do the same thing. It's Network Monitor Mini - Android Apps on Google Play and it shows up in the top of the phone, just under the status bar.


The downloadable app gives you GREAT customization that the hack above doesn't. And it's FREE, though the paid version gives some added functionality, including apparently the ability to place the indicators into the actual status bar in the middle. I actually like it below the status bar but your personal preference prevails.


Another one mentioned is Cool Tool - system stats - Android Apps on Google Play and again it gives you that ability with a ton more. I installed the one at the top and am running it now. I will play with the other one later today and give my feedback.