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Mar 23, 2013
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I just installed (several times) Liquid Smooth 2.8 and i cannot get my MMS to work. I have tried to wipe and reinstall, i have attempted to clear data, and i have attempted to do new APN info, nothing has worked.

Any one have any ideas?
This has worked for some.

For any of y'all that have been having MMS send/receive issues on 10.1, I managed to dig out a fix from 7.x on an HTC that actually works for us. The original post can be found here.

Followed this, and I'm now sending/receiving MMS without a hitch! I even get SMS receipts from fellow Verizon users as well!

I feel as happy as Dexter after finally finding his laser gun!
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You may also want to try the Verizon Messages app from playstore, it has working MMS in CM (for me).
Well now I feel dumb. Liquid Smooth says if wifi doesnt work after initial boot to reboot and wifi will recalibrate and turn on. The same goes for MMS. I have tested the theory several times and it works.
FWIW, I installed Liquid. V2.8 this morning and had no MMS; used the above .db 'hack' and rebooted--works like a charm.

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