Microsoft penetrating Android... now Android WEAR?!?!


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Jan 25, 2010
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So I think one of the smartest things Microsoft has done lately is Office Apps for iOS and Android. If you can't beat 'em, MS... and it's looking like you can't. Join 'em. They could become SERIOUS players in the iOS/Android app world and become to those devices what MS Office became to business.
(Although, yea, annoyed about the 2 different Office versions as I've said elsewhere... they can never manage to get it perfect. lol)

So what do I see today? My watch vibrates. I glance down: "Your One Drive Watch face is available now!"
So I click it. It switches my watch to it... and it's just like the Photos watch face that I already have. Pictures and the time. Every time it wakes out of ambient is a new picture.

OK, Microsoft... now you've gone too far. ;)