Android wear to iOS


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Dec 23, 2009
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One area where Google has really done a great job with has been them branching out their services even to their competitors. Apple having this closed mindset hinders them from expanding their base it is like they take the approach of all or nothing. Google on the other hand has taken the approach that their software and services is just as valuable. I know many who own Apple devices but use Google services such as Play Movies because they have a chromecast. Android continuing to expand their services to support iOS devices on Android Wear is equally as wise because you take advantage of the people who may want to jump into the smart watch game but may not want to go Apple Watch. Or they may prefer the look of a Moto 360 over the Apple Watch. Either way going branching to iOS is a smart play for them.

Source: Google said to be planning iOS support for Android Wear could debut at I O conference 9to5Google
Pretty much every watch out there looks better to me than the iwatch. If I were ever to pair one with my iPhone it wouldn't be Apple's. I swear they have given Ives too much free reign on his designs.

I would love to see Google do this. It would be interesting to see how they achieve it. While they're at it they should push Samsung to release the Gear Manager on iOS as well.