Microsoft Band Wearable Fitness Device Unveiled; Full Cross Platform Compatibility


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Dec 30, 2010
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[Editors Note: Here's an interesting Off-Topic story for you guys today. Microsoft just released a new wearable fitness device called the Microsoft Band. The coolest thing about this device (and the reason we are sharing it here) is that it has full cross platform compatibility. That means whether you are on a Windows Phone, an iPhone or an Android phone, you can pair up with and use this intriguing fitness smartwatch.]

Microsoft has released their very first fitness band and it is quite the piece of tech. The band has a built-in GPS tracker to monitor your movements and a novel UV sensor so that you can keep track of your exposure to sunlight. Some other cool and useful features involve a skin temperature monitor and a heart rate sensor that use an optical sensor which are far more accurate than the audio sensors attached to many other bands.

Keep in mind the Microsoft Band is much more than just a fitness band. It incorporates a whole slew of features that you’d expect in a smartwatch and builds them right into the band. Features such as Twitter, Facebook, Calendar, Weather, and stock tracking are all integrated into this well built piece of tech.. Microsoft has taken the bold step of making the Band compatible with devices running Android 4.3 and 4.4, iPhones running iOS 7.1 and later, and of course Windows Phone 8.1 users. Users connecting it to a Windows 8.1 smartphone get the added bonus of Cortana integration. How do you like those apples (no pun intended)

The Microsoft Band retails for $199 and is currently only on offer in the US. To purchase the Microsoft Band please visit the Microsoft Store.

As originally written by Cereal Killer over on Now Available Microsoft Band Microsoft Surface Forums
Looks like a fitbit.
I think microsoft making products for all smartphones is a good move. Apple wants to keep their watch to only iPhones, Android watches work across manufactures which is nice, but still Android only. This could be a popular product for Microsoft if they market it right.
We're (my family) waiting for the new FitBit lineup to come out. Particularly interested in the Surge.