Microphone works on calls, nowhere else???


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Oct 30, 2012
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So my RAZR maxx HD worked perfectly for about a month. Suddenly, my voice search or voice commands stopped working. I get a message like "didn't catch that, try again". It pops up immediately. This was prior to the jellybean update. Stock, no root. Calls work perfectly fine but NO apps that use the mic work. One app claimed my mic was in use. I am losing my mind over this. I have looked all over and have no idea what to do. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!
Call Verizon... ask for Level 2 tech support. (choose option 3 in the Main Menu).
If they cannot fix the issue, ask for replacement.
You might need to be off the Razr and have another phone for troubleshooting.

My Voice Commands stopped also, post JB and security update.
Good luck... let us know the results please.