Message From Developer: chroniX Radio App & Sprint EVO users


May 21, 2010
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Charlotte, NC
I have had a couple of EVO users leave comments about the app not working (and a 1 star rating... grrrr) so I wanted to leave a message here for EVO users who like heavy metal and might download this app. DONT!

“My EVO won’t run your app” – because Sprint sucks and so does the EVO. | Android Workz

Your EVO sucks and so does Sprint...

It would be nice if users would do a little homework before leaving developers one star ratings... I swear I could choke every one of the idiots that does that.
I know this is a couple of days old but:

It would be nice if they had a section you could post a question as a review of sorts. A place for a user to say something like,

Is this supposed to work on my EVO, because it doesn't...

And the dev could leave a comment explaining that it won't. Then other people could come along and see it and MAYBE it would keep at least SOME of the lazy people from leaving ignorant ratings/comments.

But I suppose they'd just be too lazy to read that too. /sigh
That is a huge area where Google could improve the market. The email link is just not sufficient because user don't use it. They should allow moderation of sorts as well.