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Apr 16, 2010
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Hey guys. Just recently I started getting an error notification that my messaging inbox memory was full, and it wouldn't allow me to receive incoming messages. I have delete old messages checked, and I went ahead and deleted ALL of my threads (which I was very reluctant to do). Still getting the error....

Also, I am getting another error notification saying my phone memory is full, so I moved a bunch of apps to my sd card (about 20 MB estimated). My phone internal storage went from 24 to about does this work? I move apps from my phone to the sd card and my internal phone storage decreases? Doesn't make sense to me. Please help.....

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How much space is your dialer storage taking? Its been implicated in some people's issues with loss of space on the internal storage and appears to hold previous texts.
It says 252 KB

Btw my droid 1 is rooted running UD 2.5 if that helps anything.

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That is a nice small size, and I'm also unfamiliar with UD. I'd suggest sorting apps by size, but a more accurate idea of what is taking up space on your internal storage would be to run an app like diskusage and see exactly what is taking up the space.
If I move a bunch of apps to my sd card, shouldn't that clear up space on my internal phone storage? Because for whatever reason, its not doing anything for me

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Tried it. No dice.

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