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Aug 20, 2010
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How do you have the songs in the album in "album order" as supposed to alphabetical order?

Its frustrating that its in alphabetical order and not in real order.

Also, does anybody know how to get rid of the silence in between songs so that If i were listening to a live set---there wont be a pause in between songs.

thanks in advance.

EDIT: Also...does anybody know whey album art doesent sync over?
Album Art Grabber works great for retrieving missing album covers from the net, and I agree about the 3rd party music app, I don't believe this is an option in the native music application
Any suggestions with a 3RD party app? Free ones?
Search (3 Music Player) in the market, you have to scroll down a few apps, the icon is a black dice with music controls on it
MixZing also looks like a good one
MixZing also looks like a good one

I use MixZing and it keeps the album order, transfers album art and works great. I enjoyed it so much, I upgraded to the full version...
mixzing and 3(cubed) would be my top 2 recommendations.
I tried cubed and didnt really like the layout and the blurriness of the album art.

I also tried mixzing but didnt import most album art.

I really love the layout of the media player the X came with other than albums being in alphabetical order. i think its crazy that such a phone cannot accomplish such a simple and basic task.

One that Im using now which is ok is Zimly. I like it for the most part except not being able to use it in landscape.
BTunes used to be king but the dev died or something. Mixzing is now the best.