Media player "shuffle"


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Dec 10, 2009
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Is it just me or does the media players "shuffle" option not that great? I have about 20 songs on my play list and when skipping to the next song, while shuffle is turned on, it got stuck in a loop of only shuffling between 2 out of the 20 songs I have. I do not have repeat turned on so I'm surprised that it plays the same song more than once even while when "shuffling". It doesn't seem to give me the same results if I listen to the songs and let it naturally proceed to the next song, but if I skip more often than not it gets stuck on 2 to 3 songs.

Anyone else notice this?
media player leaves A LOT to be desired... and the shuffle is terrible.
I can not believe that my CDs/music can't be organized by track number... that it has to be alphabetical... huge oversight on this phone.