May root now


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Nov 12, 2009
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I have been totally satified with my stock D1. I am not 'techy'
and even though I have read many of the threads on rooting
and have been curious I could not following many of the instructions
with all the terms most of which I did not understand even after
looking them up. (Call me 'stupido'). Also, I was fearful of 'bricking'
my phone.

I want to wait to see what Verizon will have within the next
couple of months since I am not that impressed with Bionic. But
now if I screwed up my D1 at least I could get Bionic and
probably be satisfied.

So, what is the best one touch system to root my D1? Is it Easy
Root (is it still available?) or is there something better?
Thanks for your imput.