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Oct 2, 2011
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Hiram, GA
Guys and Gals help my d1 is slow and i want to root it but im scared i dont want to brick my phone, what is the best and easiest rom to install. i have never done it before and have no exp. at all thanks
I am responding to the fact that you reported that your OG Droid is running slow.

Before either doing a "factory reset" (which I consider a last ditch effort as it also deletes all non-factory apps) or "Rooting your phone" (which has many benefits, but adds some potential dangers and bricking the phone is not one of the dangers), I suggest that you take the time and do the following:

1. Power down, then power back up. This has the affect of clearing some temporary caches and processing threads, which when filled, can slow you down.

2. Is there a task killer running in the background? If so, stop/kill it immediately! Set it so it does not start. I, as opposed to many others, will say that you should keep it; however run it as a 'task' when you need it to kill a runaway app. End it when done. Android seems to do a pretty good job at memory management.

3. Widgets cause a drain on the performance. Evaluate the 'active' type of widgets you have on your home screen. Ask your self, do I really need to have widgets for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites actively updating. Maybe just having the app version as opposed to the widget version will work well for you. Do you really need an independent "Battery Monitor"? Do I really need continual, instantaneous updates to news, and sports, or can I start the app version to get this information? How many weather apps are running in the background, 1 or 2? Without realizing it, you may have one included with a widget, such as "Beautiful Widgets" or "Fancy Widgets" plus also Weatherbug or other weather app.

4. Shut off services that you are not using at the time. One example is Bluetooth. If you have bluetooth running, and you are not connected, it is using processing cycles to monitor the potential pairing of a bluetooth device. Turn it off, unless you are using it.

5. Consider using a Home Screen/Launcher replacement. There are many available. I use "Go Launcher EX" as this works best for me but may not be best for you. I have also used "Zeam", though not as feature-rich as others, seems to be, in my opinion, faster than many Home Screen/Launchers. You see there seems to be a direct correlation between 'speed' and 'features'. I have tried many Home Screen/Launcher replacements and each and everyone has both features that I like and prefer and may not have features I want. Try all of them and see which one suits you best.

Good Luck,
Good advice there from REMilk. The Droid likes to be rebooted every day or so - keeps it fresh.

Good luck.
ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT :biggrin: i believe gingerbreak v1.2 will root it.