MAX CPU when trying to play music


Jul 16, 2010
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State College, PA
Ok so I've had my card full of music before (like 14 gigs) and I recently upgraded doubletwist on my mac and it los tsome smart playlists. Long story short, I had to delete all the music from my phone and then reload it all back on (using doubletwist). Now if I boot the phone up without a memory card installed it works fine but as soon as I plug it in and try to open the music app, everything comes to a halt.

The CPU is maxed out at 100% the entire time, it's impossible to do anything on the phone let alone listen to a song. Ending the music app won't help. I'm not sure if it's just trying to load all the music first and then the CPU will alleviate it's issues or not, but I let it sit for a long while and nothing seemed to get better. I currently have about 10 gigs of music loaded on the card.

Anybody else have a similar issue or a way to correct it?
(I'm using the standard music player app, not the double twist app btw)