Mass storage unavailable?


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Nov 5, 2010
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Might this explain why My Gallery can't detect any folders with pictures on the media card and my music players don't find MP3s stored on the card?

The card is readily accessible in Root Explorer and the camera saves pics and videos to it and the third party app QuickPic shows any pictures I put on the card, so I know it isn't corrupt.

I've already done factory resets, reformatted the card and cleared the Media Storage data in Manage Apps. What am I overlooking?

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Yes, the card is mounted. As I said, Root Explorer and QuickPic do see the contents of the card, but the native My Gallery doesn't.
Is it just the native my gallery app doing this?
Music apps like Google Play Music, My Music and Winamp also won't detect any MP3s on the card. I had to move all my MP3s to internal storage to be able to play them.
Maybe you should try to reformat the card.
I would check your sd card to make sure that there isn't a .nomedia file on the root of it. If there is remove it and see if you can find your pictures and music.

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Did a factory reset and complete reformat of internal and external storage, then froze DRM Protected Storage. Things seem better now, except music on the external card sometimes catches and repeats.

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