Managing alert sounds


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Dec 27, 2010
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I've noticed for several months that I have not been receiving audible alerts when I get text messages - which has obviously caused me to miss numerous messages. I "think" I fixed this in the settings, but now I'm inundated with the same alert every 5 minutes letting me know that I have another email. I can't see a method in settings to only audibly notify for specific alerts - it's everything or nothing, as far as I can see. Does anyone know how to handle it, either within the settings or with an app? I already have Timeriffic which mutes all the alerts at night, but I specifically only want text message alerts to be heard throughout the day and not the countless emails I get. It seems like a pretty normal request, I can't imagine others wouldn't want the same thing.
I new to the driod world I have the Thunder bolt think I have the same problem were I have the same sound notifying me for all alerts sms,chats, and the whole nine yards can I seprate the sounds for each. THought I did assign diff tones but still defaulting to Teloprting tone for all.. HELP please