Making the change from Storm this week


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Nov 9, 2010
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I currently have the Storm 9530, but have had lots of problems with it. I was going to wait for my contract to be up and go to iPhone in Feb., but heard about ATT service being bad. I'm eligible for new every two now, so I've done some research and have it narrowed down to Droid X or Samsung Fascinate, both for screen size. I love the Amoled screen on Fascinate, but also appreciate the slightly bigger Droid X display and the fact Droid X already has 2.2 and no Bing headache. Has anyone had experience buying from Amazon or Wirefly? All have better deals than VZW on these two devices. Do I risk poor customer service or no 30 day return policy by going with these? Finally, I was about to order this week before reading about new releases coming out on the 11th and thinking prices might drop even more on the two I'm considering. Any of your thoughts on any of the above welcome and appreciated.
I purchased my second D2 from Wirefly just a couple of weeks ago. I got a smoking deal for the same product, and as for warranty there is the manufacturers just in case. You know exactly what you want so save some money and go through Wirefly.

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Thanks! It's a big price difference compared to $299 before rebate.