Make Your Amazon Echo Portable with 'Battery Base for Echo'


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Here's a nifty, (if slightly strange), accessory for folks who dream of making their Amazon Echo portable. It's a "Battery Base for Echo" that lets you take it on the go. It's made by Mission Power, and sold directly by Amazon for $49.99. Here's a description of the device:
  • Makes your Echo portable.
  • Easily and securely attaches to base of Echo.
  • Up to six hours of playback time.
  • Recharges using the Amazon Echo power adapter.
  • Echo not included, patent pending.
Additionally, the battery base includes a battery management system using a Texas Instruments chipset, and weighs just 7 ounces. This seems like a cool idea for folks who frequently like to use the Echo for streaming music. You can take it outside on the patio, or maybe take it with you to a get together with friends. What other reasons could you folks see to make an Echo portable?

Here's a link to the Amazon landing page for this Echo accessory:

*Bonus intel - Apparently, Google is making a competing product to the Echo and it will be called the Google Chirp. Here's a link with a few more details: Google's 'Chirp' Will Be Competitor to Amazon Echo.

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