Amazon Echo Introduces Prime Stations; Play Ad-free Stations and More


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Dec 30, 2010
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The Amazon Echo just keeps getting better and better. The latest improvement to the "little AI box that could" is something called Prime Stations. It basically allows folks to play ad-free, personalized streaming music stations. It also includes a number of handy features to go along with that.

There's even more included. The latest email from Amazon includes additional info regarding "recipes" on IFTTT, which is basically a method for chaining together functions to create useful combos on the Amazon Echo. Several handy new recipes are already available. Here's a quote which includes some links to some of these recipes along with more info.

"Your Amazon Echo: Introducing Prime Stations‏
Prime members can now ask Echo to play hundreds of ad-free, personalized streaming music stations. Like, dislike, or skip as many songs as you wish while you discover songs from the Prime Music catalog. With Prime Stations, the more you listen and rate songs, the more personalized each station becomes.

Get started today with the following requests:

  • Play a Prime Station by saying “Alexa, play the Bruno Mars Prime Station.”
  • Control playback with “Alexa, next”, “Alexa, pause/resume”, or “Alexa, go back.”
  • Learn about what’s playing by asking “Alexa, what song is this?”
  • Personalize your stations by saying “Alexa, thumbs up/thumbs down.”
Also, because so many of you were interested in IFTTT, we’d like to share some great recipes Echo customers created which can control a Nest thermostat, add Shopping List items to an iOS Reminders list, or even have Echo send an e-mail. Since last Friday, Echo customers have created 10,000 recipes and shared over 100. If you haven’t used IFTTT yet, sign up here, activate the Amazon Alexa channel, and try any of the shared recipes. Thanks to everyone who has created and shared their recipes!

As always, the Amazon Echo team looks forward to your feedback via the Amazon Echo App and on social media (#AmazonEcho)."

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