Major D2 issues


Jan 17, 2011
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I have the strangest problem that has happened to me with a phone. For the past week now my phone has been doing very odd things and it is getting worse by the day. My phone is acting like it is posessed. If I set it down on my desk with the screen on and unlocked it will, all by itself open applications, type gibberish in text fields, reorient the screen and other stuff like that. The touch screen and bottom four buttons are also giving me issues. Sometimes they will work and sometimes they wont. Sometimes, if I turn off my screen and trun it back on, everything will work fine for 3 or 4 clicks and then nothing. This is getting pretty crazy. At the moment I am running Stock gingerbread and I am rooted.

I tried restoring to an earlier backup from before this problem started and I even SBF'd back to Froyo and let the D2 install the GB upgrade. The problem is still there. Could this be a hardware issue? I did drop my phone recently and it took a pretty hard fall (the glass is not damaged). I am leaning towards hardware but thought I would put this out here to see if anyone else has an ideas.

Does this happen when it's on or off the charger, or both?

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It happens when it is on or off the charger.
im having the same issue

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Same issue here too. Just started this morning though. I have restarted it several times, pulled the battery at least 3 times and while it has improved some, I still can't access the settings "button" nor the send "button" when texting. At least it's not jumping all over the place and randomly accessing stuff any more.