Main camera doesn't work. Help!


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Jan 28, 2014
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Hi everyone,
I got Prestigio MultiPhone PAP3400 DUO yesterday. It was fine for several hours, and then problems with camera have appeard. At first, only front camera worked, then both of them didn't want to run (Error: Camera has stopped). I closed all running apps and after that it worked correctly. When I tried to run camera today, there was the same problem - main camera is not working. Luckily, front one is still fine. There is no switch camera button, and I've tried everything - restart the phone, take out the battery and cards for 10 minutes, force close all apps, even the phone restore, but main camera still doesn't work. Also, since this problem, flashligt (as an individual app) doesn't work. OS is Android 4.2. Hope you guys can help.