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Sep 5, 2010
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I was upstairs at work and needed to use the company phone , which is downstairs , so I waited until I was done with everything up there and then realized I'd have to take paper with the number I needed to call back upstairs and put it back on the vehicle I'd assembled for a customer. I figure, what the hey, I'll try out this voice memo thing, write it down once I get downstairs. I went ahead and recorded the number and customers name. The photo above is an example and not the actual memo.
I got to the phone, got interrupted and didn't call the customer until about half an hour later . I opened the app, when no costumer were around to interrupt my attempt to avoid carrying myself back up all those steps again, on the watch, tapped the icon that lets me see all memos, chose the one I'd done earlier since it was the only one. When I played it back the screen shot is what it looked like and when I tapped the icon of a "T" it gave me the option to edit it, the other screen shot shown. After I got back in range of my phone it beeped,I ignored it,a couple minutes later it beeped again so I pulled it out and the pull down had an icon I'd never seen before so I pulled down and it was a reminder I had a new voice memo on my watch.
The Voice Memo app is a total standalone other than notifying the phone I had a new memo
Here's the icon in the upper notification area and pulled down


It's free on the Samsung Gear store.

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