LTE on bionic western mass performance?


Aug 2, 2010
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I wanna get myself a bionic... but I am not sure hows the data reception and rates. I am sure its going to be better than the 3g my dx has.. but how much?
I live in western massachusetts... nearest tower I heard is in springfield,MA.

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Goto and use the coverage map

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I do not trust their "coverage maps" I am clearly in the red in 3g.. covered with all around. I go into the holyoke mall with my dx and get 4 bars and reception is damn good... in a concreat building no less. As soon as I get on 91 north(the highway) it dies down to 2 and 1 bar. Again.. the map shows its in the red...

.. so I ask people who use it rather than waste my time going to a rep.. so he can explain to me that the waves are different.. and all that other "stuff" I want xfinity on my phone in all its glory.. so that I can go fishing and watch sports at the same time :D

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