Lots Of 4K Content Is Coming To The Nvidia Shield!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you needed a good excuse to give to the wife about buying a new 4K TV, or increasing your internet speed you now have a pretty good one. Nvidia announced today that they will be expanding 4K content that will be available on the Shield Android TV! The next update will bring the software up to 3.2.

Support will be added for VUDU 4k streaming, and youtube will also receive a quality bump. You will be able to stream youtube content in 4K at 60 frames per second! There will be a pretty big list of new apps added as well including Spotify, Deezer,Watch ESPN, Watch ABC, Disney Junior, Disney Channel and NPR. One big new feature will be the included HDR support. There are only a few TVs out there that support HDR, but it is nice to know that the Nvidia Shield TV will be at the forefront of innovation.

New games are also coming. Shadwen is already available on GeForce Now and Homefront: The Revolution will be available for purchase soon. Resident Evil 5 will go live on the Play Store May 19th for $10 at launch. This is all pretty exciting! We can expect the 3.2 update sometime soon. Nvidia has given no official ETA.

via CNET