Lost one picture on my droid


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Apr 10, 2011
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Here is my dilemma I lost a picture on my droid Incredible I took the phone to the store to have my pictures transferred to my new phone, that I had gotten through insurance. I had dropped my phone and the screen cracked however I was able to continue using the phone so long as it was activated.

Today I went to the Verizon store to have the pictures transferred onto the new phone. All my pictures got transferred except for one picture that has disappeared. The interesting part about this dilemma is that the picture is the wall paper on my old phone, I don't understand how it could be missing, but still be the wall paper.

The picture is very important to me because it is a picture of my grandfather whom passed about away in October, my grandmother then passed away in February so it is very important to me that this picture be found.

Is their anything I can do? Do I have to activate the old phone in-order to do anything. please this is very important to me.


Jan 3, 2011
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Bluetooth it to the new phone

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Nov 27, 2010
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Welcome...It happened with my deceased father also. The problem with mine was, my regular vz rep/tech guy wasn't there the day I had my new D2G bought in. Instead of transferring my pics from my blackberry onto an external then onto the new droid, they switched the card. Totally wiped my entire card out! Family pics, work docs, etc. My wallpaper was like yours, very valuable. It stayed on as wallpaper but there was no way for them to take it off or "bluetooth" it from the wallpaper setting. Why? Cause for some reason it wasn't discovered anywhere in the wallpaper. Needless to say I have the BB with a dead battery and lost of memories. I never did a backup to my PC with the SD card so, was my fault.
Maybe someone can find a way to get it off and transfer it for u. Good luck and sincere sorrows for ur lost

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