Lost files on SD card after accidental partition using Clockwork Recovery


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Jan 25, 2012
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Hey Everyone,

So here's my issue: While trying to fix a major problem with my Incredible running CyanogenMod 7.1 I accidentally hit the "Partition SD Card" option while in Clockwork Recovery. Unfortunately my phone glitched and selected that option on it's own accord, and within seconds my SD card had been partitioned. After I had realized what had happened it was too late. Many of my app files, self made ringtones, pictures, and voice recordings are no longer visible on my phone, nor are they visible in the file manager app or on my computer. The only folders I can see are .android_secure, .dataviz, Android, CachedImages, DCIM, Lost.Dir, burstlyImageCache, and data. That's it, all app files are gone.

Any advice as how to recover these files and unpartition my SD card?