Losing mobile data internet after Wifi


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Jul 11, 2011
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I have a Moto Droid1 flashed to MetroPCS running SS 5.4 GB - 2.3.4.

Everything was working fine for 2 months then all of a sudden I am losing Mobile Data (just says connecting). It does connect eventually (after an hour or so) but if connect to Wifi then go back to Mobile data, then it will not connect again until an hour or so.

Any ideas?

I've tried LGB and MIUI GB with same results.

I heard about a *228 option 2 trick. How is this done?

Actual I heard over on rootwiz that metro is hunting down people with illegally flashed phone (if you didn't use houdini) so maybe that's why... Is it on gingerbread? This is an ongoing issue if your on froyo try the enter into airplane mode then come back.
Try using the Stock kernel
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thanks for the reply. Yes, it is using houdini (I bought it flashed). Should I not call MetroPCS then?

I am running Gingerbread. I'll try a stock kernel/ROM.

I don't think they can service that phone since it wasn't sold directly. Damn, I thought you had flashed it :( I wanted to flash my moto droid for a friend of mine. Try jumping on a different rom and or kernel sometimes kernels don't play nice ask your flash friend how much he charges to flash mine pm me or something. Airplane mode is recommended for that error. Turn on airplane mode then turn it off again. Do you have access to 3g in your area? Cause I thought only two places have 3g coverage with metro dallas, texas and miami in florida..

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I am using Wifi very less on mobile but thanks for the information, whenever I want to use now I can use it easily.