Looking for password manager that works like native iOS password manager


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Aug 3, 2019
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So recently switched back to Android/Samsung from iPhone. Been looking for a password manager that works similar to the native iOS password manager.

For those who aren't familiar, whenever you go to a site that asked for a password, a message pops up asking if you'd like to save the passport. If you click yes it saves username, password and site without having to manually input any of it. I.e. after clicking yes and inputting the password one time, the site , username and password are all automatically saved. I tried Safeincloud, but seems like you have to manually input all that info manually, which kinda sucks.

There might be a specific term for that, but if there is, I don't know what it is

Anyway, recommendations would be appreciated.


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Google does the password manage for me ...saves all my sites and all .. especially if using Chrome ..

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Same here, Chrome's native password manager works great for me. Syncs passwords between my phone, Chromebook and laptop.

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Same for me too, Google manages my password.

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Likewise been using for years and it works best for me :)
I've been using the LastPass password manager (Free version) for over 1 year. It works fine. Though I'm using the free version, it offers valuable features
Lastpass now asks users to pay a subscription fee to able to sync passwords across different platforms. After the announcement, I switched to Bitwarden password manager and it is a fantastic piece of app. I got everything used to enjoy with Lastppass and sometimes it even feels more friendlier.