Looking for advice on IM apps between blackberry and droid


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Jun 16, 2011
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hello all,

just switched to droid but partner still using blackberry. we depended a lot on BBM for daily communication. we tried gtalk but must be signed in to get immediate communication. just tried cnected but it either freezes or slows down the blackberry functioning so bb user has uninstalled it.

any other suggestions?

thank you.
thanks. I heard about kik but the website only lists iphone and droids. I found a thread on line some time around end of 2010 that indicated RIM either delayed or stopped kik download for bb users. Anyone else know the status? Other apps to try?
There are plenty of standard IM networks supported on all platforms such as Google Talk, Yahoo, MS Live, etc. You just need to find suitable clients for the different OS's. The client apps don't need to be the same on all devices.