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Jan 25, 2010
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I've used a ton over the years. Currently using Google's.
A co-worker asked me if there's an app that will:
  • allow her to block notifications from a group SMS chat
  • allow her to archive it so she can't see it
She's in a chat, she doesn't want to be in with some friends. As you know if she just deletes the group text, if anyone from the group texts again she's going to get it. I tried Messages because it has an archive. That worked EXCEPT when we tested it she still gets a notification.

Thought I'd ask her before investing any more time into it.
You can long press a conversation and mute it.

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Only works on a single conversation, not a group text.

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Actually you did lead me down the right road.
So first we archived the group chat. Then went to archive, clicked on the conversation, went to settings and turned off notifications for just that chat. Exactly what she wanted. #win