Lollipop Battery info page sucks!!


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Aug 10, 2012
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Samsung Galaxy S5
I liked the pre-Lollipop Battery info screen (in Settings) so much better; you could see detailed history of how the level changed and whether the phone was asleep or awake, screen on/off, etc. since the last charge.

The new Lollipop version wastes 80% of the screen real estate graphing "predicted" future usage, all the really useful stuff is now crammed into such a tiny part of the screen that it's useless.

Is there a 3rd party app that provides similar graph layout and info as the KitKat style battery page, or did Google make that impossible when they locked down the battery usage info for "security" :rolleyes: reasons?

I'm using GSam already, but without root, it can't tell you very much.