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Jan 6, 2012
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Hello mates.I love my Razr,but I hate my lock screen.How can I modify my locksreen notification to be like iOS or I dont know - to view my taks,messages,Sports news,weather,calls and etc. For example here is how iOS notification looks on lockscreen.If you have any ideas I would be happy to read them :))
Executive Assistant has a lock screen option that allows you to ]choose notifications and allows you to add widgets.

Just tryed it ,but cant find the option for weather widget and Is there any add-ons for Sport news ?
Actually, what you do is you open the app up and hit the Menu button. You'll see a Widget/Shortcut option. Choose that and from there you can add your ESPN widget.


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No problem, glad that I could help.

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Damn! Those themes really look like iOS!

My interpretation was that he wanted functionality similar to the iPhone lock screen--not to actually look like one.

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You can complete your iOS nonsense with this:

And now you basically will have an iPhone with a better screen, sexier form factor, faster radios, better speakers, more options for hookups, widgets, live wallpapers, better multitasking, better keyboards, and the ability to stop looking like a stupid iPhone interface once you come to your senses. :icon_ banana:
Lol at your off topic people.I ave the ios picture for example.I was looking for notification bar on my lock screen,not those ios themes..........
You could also use one of those lockscreen eliminator apps, but then you wouldn't have a lockscreen. I did this for awhile on my OG Droid and liked it, but it was sometimes buggy. Maybe newer apps aren't.